DIY Deck Design Ideas for Summer

If you’re searching for ways to spruce up the those barbecues and gatherings, here are a few ideas for DIY-ing up your deck.


You’re going to need room for all of your friends to sit, so the best solution is to build a deck bench. Rather than setting up a table, a deck bench can provide you with more space for folks to plant their butts and save you the trouble of have to haul furniture out from the shed each season. Most deck benches are easily built and attached to the railing with some wood screws, a rotary or circular saw and a multitool. Check out these simple plans to help get you started.

If you’re a fan of bench seating and would rather have single spaces for your guests to sit on, consider building Adirondack chairs from scraps. This way they’re have plenty of room to lean back and relax and the design will give your deck a rugged appearance.


For lighting there are plenty of options available. One of the simplest is to attach lighting fixtures to the inside of each post on your deck’s railing. This helps provide ambience around the entire area while also making it easy for guests to walk around. You can find fixtures at any home improvement store and attach them with a pocket tool; you don’t even have to break out a toolbox!

Alternatively, you could also opt for tube lighting and attach it to the bottom along your entire railing. This will have the same effect, though might not look as nice in the end. If you’d rather build something, consider globe lighting that can be attacking from above if your deck has an awning, or create a lamppost by screwing together a few blocks of wood.

Fire Pit

Building your own fire pit is not as difficult as it sounds and one of these beauties can serve as a great centerpiece to any deck design. You’re essentially building a box, which can be accomplished with a multitool, and placing a few precautionary trimmings inside to prevent the fire from spreading and burning down your house.

If you choose the wood-burning route, just remember to create a no-burn zone beneath and around the fire pit and use flame-resistant materials. Otherwise, a gas fire pit might be the best choice. Here are a few designs to inspire you.

Build a Bar

The BBQ is only secondary when it comes to important summer party favors; for some people it’s really about the alcohol. That’s exactly why you should consider building a simple fold-up bar that can attach to either your deck railing or the side of your house. Using old materials like small bookshelves or just regular shelving, you can put together a simple unit that holds bottles of alcohol and glasses you can access in an instant. Attach a fold-up door that can extend down and be used as a makeshift table or tray and you’re set. Check out this design to help you decide on what looks best on your deck.

Add Plants

No deck is complete without a little greenery to help it match the landscape. Build yourself a few planters to hang around your deck’s railing to add some color. Or, grab a multitool and build your own square boxes to use as pots. Stick a few plants or small trees in there and really bring the atmosphere to life.

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