Simple Design Ideas for Your Garage

Building the perfect garage is every homeowner’s dream, right? Unfortunately, it can also get pretty expensive if you plan on having all the work done for you.How about getting your hands dirty and doing a little DIY instead? Here are a few ideas to help you get started in designing your personal haven in the garage.


Aside from housing your car we all know the garage’s primary job is to hold all of your junk and decorations from Christmases past. Rather than buying overpriced pre-made shelving, you can easily put together your own storage compartments with a few pieces of wood and a solid multitool. You can save space by building storage units that rest overhead around the perimeter of the garage rather than on the ground. This way, you have more room for your toys.

Tool Wall

No garage is complete without a glistening wall of high-powered beauties adorning the walls. What better place to store your collection of Leatherman? We’re fans of the simple but efficient pegboard. It allows for dozens of tools to hang with minimal effort or shelving, while creative minds can use it to easily put together something appealing like this that also has room for paint and other essentials.

Install Flooring

You’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your garage, and walking around on concrete for hours on end is bad for your body. Instead, try installing more comfortable flooring. Roll-out mats and interlocking tiles can brighten up your garage with any color design you prefer, while also helping to protect your floors. They’re softer than concrete, so they’re perfect for sprucing things up and warding off back problems.

Lighting Options

Most garages have pretty standard lighting systems, with bulky overhangs the go-to choice. Mix things up a bit by installing your own recessed lighting. Just because it’s a garage doesn’t mean the ceiling can’t look nice. You might have to throw down a little money to install tiling, but wood paneling will help you save some pennies. Alternatively, depending on the location of your garage, you might get away with installing a large window on the side for natural lighting.

The Garage Gym

Perhaps you have dreams of designing your own gym in the garage to get out of paying those hefty fees for mediocre equipment at the local fitness center. No problem. Buy yourself a functional cable machine with a bench and barbell and you’ll have everything you need to get in shape. These easily fit into the corner of your garage, leaving you extra room to install a hanging punching bag, pull-ups bar or a climbing wall.

Go Green

If you really want to throw caution to the wind, how about bringing the outdoors in? Go rustic with your design by building a table to work at, install a DIY fireplace and start stocking the garage with your favorite plants. It’ll be like your own little cabin at home to help you get away when you can’t get away.

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