The Return of the Original Pocket Survival Tool

In 1983, Tim Leatherman altered the way we tackle unexpected challenges forever by introducing the first-ever folding multi-tool, the PST.

Eight years in the making, Pocket Survival Tool (PST) made confronting problems simpler and more efficient than anything on the market and, now, Leatherman is giving you the chance to own a piece of history.

Today, Leatherman is bringing back the original, Limited Edition Pocket Survival Tool to celebrate its 35th Anniversary.

History of the Pocket Survival Tool

When Tim Leatherman first conceived the PST back in 1975, after an ill-fated trip through Europe left him and his wife stranded on the side of road, he wanted to create a tool that was not only durable but that provided you with the means to fix a variety of problems. The concept was simple: create a multi-tool that not only withstood the test of time, but could feasibly allow you to perform basic tasks like simple car repair, home improvement, on the job fixes or just have a multipurpose device on hand when you go camping.

It worked perfectly when you needed to change a battery in an emergency or cut a piece of rope when out in the woods. The original PST could saw wood smoothly, cut wires in a single snip, or just open a beer when you were done with your job. It truly was the most versatile tool to hit the market when it first arrived and its functionality still holds up today. Heck, it’s even useful helping with the seemingly impossible task of constructing an IKEA bed.

Revival of the Pocket Survival Tool

The revival of the PST celebrates this achievement by offering a Limited-Edition version that’s identical to the original design.

This version of the PST contains 14 distinct tools in one, including needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, 420HC knife, wood/metal file, Phillips screwdriver, large screwdriver, medium screwdriver, small screwdriver, awl, ruler (8 in/20 cm), can opener, and bottle opener. The PST comes in an American-made leather sheath that is adorned with a diagonal word mark in gold foil.

The Collector’s Edition PST comes with its own wooden case with a commemorative coin and a certificate of authenticity. Each of these will also come with a serial number. The Collector’s Edition PST is available now! Only 500 are being produced and they will be available only at

This is the perfect opportunity to own the first-of-its-kind multi-purpose tool that completely changed the face of pocket tools worldwide. Whether you’re a collector or are simply seeking a reliable multi-tool to use at home or on the road, no other tool available provides the durability, versatility, and classic design of the Limited Edition Pocket Survival Tool.

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