Tim Leatherman’s Visit to Ukraine

Tim Leatherman recently traveled to the Ukraine where he was able to interact with a variety of people with one core attribute in common:

A love for Leatherman tools!

The first group Tim met with were Ukrainian EMT Trainers. Due to the conflicts on their eastern border, these folks have to train EMTs for both civilian and military purposes. They have found that the Raptor is a necessity in a go-to kit, as it’s the only tool that can adequately perform in both environments.

Tim was able to share his story with this group and hear their Leatherman stories in return. One of the trainers explained that he had been saving up for an entire year for a Wave, when he was gifted one by the Ukrainian Department of Defense for his service in the paramedic field.

The second part of Tim’s trip was spent attending the 14th International Specialized Show (Arms & Security) in Kiev. He was able to tour the show as well as hold a presentation and autograph session at STVOL’s booth. Tim spent over four hours signing tools and meeting his fans. He watched as they demoed “multi-tool inventions" of their own.

Tim finished his trip with a session at STVOL’s main store in downtown Kiev. Tim signed tools and took pictures with fans. A few of the people who had attended the show even came back for a chance to meet Tim again.

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