In 2019, we introduced to the world an entirely new platform for multi-purpose tools. And it’s an idea we didn’t actually come up with. The consumers (aka you) told us what you wanted. It’s called the Leatherman FREE® Series.

To us, FREE® isn’t just a name. It’s a philosophy. Freedom from constraint, from conventional thinking, and the freedom for anyone (and everyone) to be the type of person who saves the day every day in a million different ways. We wanted to redefine what s means and create a completely new design. One that is easy to use with one hand (even with gloves)—no more broken fingernails. One that has epic haptics (that means it clicks into place with a sound you can hear). One that uses one type of lock for the whole tool (which makes it so much simpler). And one that is not only one of our most durable, but quite possibly the smoothest operating tool we’ve ever made.

The FREE® Series isn’t just a new way to make multi-tools. It’s a total game changer. It didn’t really reinvent what a multi-tool is or why you’d use one. The FREE® makes it easier to tackle the problems you’ve always been tackling with your Leatherman.

Explore the FREE® Series below.




Based on years of consumer feedback and manufacturing experience, the Leatherman FREE® is a completely redesigned platform. Gone are the days of “breaking in” your multi-tool: our FREE® Series is ready to go from day one yet durable enough to last for many years. In fact, the improvements we made to the FREE® Series make them some of the most durable tools we’ve ever made.


Every implement in each FREE® Series multi-tool can be accessed with just one hand (no fingernails required). They can be opened with a simple roll of your thumb or push of your finger (even with gloves on!). Even the pliers can be deployed with an easy butterfly-like motion. While some of our other multi-tools offer outside-accessible and one-hand accessible tools, the FREE® Series offers it for every implement on every tool.


The smoothness and ease-of-use of the FREE® Series is powered by a not-so-secret ingredient—magnets. This revolutionary magnetic architecture reduces friction when opening and closing tools and greatly reduced wear and tear on part. It also allows us to create stronger locks—which clicks into place, letting you know it’s safe and ready to use. Plus, because magnets have a nearly infinite life cycle, the durability (see above) is greatly increased.


FREE P Series


Our original FREE® Series release, the P-Series contain the best-performing pliers of any full-size multi-purpose tool in our current product line. They’re made of 420 stainless steel which creates a lightweight, durable pliers-based tool. The outside design features our signature FREE® aesthetics—which echoes the original PST with its distinctive bar shape stamped right into the handles.

The Leatherman FREE® P2 features 18 different tools including a 2.75-inch combination blade, replaceable wire cutters, and a built-in pocket clip all weighing in at a slim 7.6 ounces. It has the same number of features as our best-selling Wave but is 10% lighter.

The Leatherman FREE® P4 features 21 different tools including a 2.75-inch straight-edge blade, 2.75-inch serrated blade, saw, replaceable wire cutters, and lanyard attachment and weighs in at 8.6 ounces. It wins as the multi-tool with the most implements out of all the ones we make.

FREE T Series


Designed with everyday carry in mind, the FREE® T-Series pocket-sized models feature the collection’s signature design and epic haptics. They give you the distinct click sound when each implement is locked into place, so you can work with confidence knowing the tool is ready to save the day. Of course, everything is one-hand operable (with the exception of the removable tweezers in the T4). They’re made from a durable combination of 420 stainless steel and glass-filled nylon. The T-Series are high-functioning tools in a convenient, packable size and ideal for EDC.

The Leatherman FREE® T2 contains 8 implements including a robust 2-inch straight-edge knife blade and weighs in at a mere 3.3 ounces (seems impossible, but it’s true).

The Leatherman FREE® T4 contains 12 implements including a 2-inch straight-edge knife blade and scissors and weighs slightly more than the T2 at 4.3 ounces.


FREE K Series


Created to be a pocket knife with extra features, the FREE® K-Series are made for the person who wants a folding knife but also multi-purpose functionality. The highlight of this collection is a hefty 3.3-inch knife blade made from high-quality 420 stainless steel which is ready for everything you can throw at it. As with all our FREE® tools, the blades have an extremely smooth, fluid deployment and included the distinct click that lets you know the tool is open, locked, and ready to use.

The Leatherman FREE® K2 features 8 implements including a 3-inch knife blade, aluminum handles, and a pocket clip, and it weighs 4.9 ounces.

The Leatherman FREE® K4 includes 9 implements including a 3-inch knife blade, scissors, aluminum handles, and a pocket clip. It weighs in at 5.5 ounces.



The FREE® Series represents a whole new collection of tools that redefines what a multi-purpose tools can be and how they should function. Whether you want a K-Series for its large knife blade and simple functionality, a T-Series for its perfect everyday carry ability, or a P-Series for all the bells and whistles you know and love from Leatherman, the FREE® Series makes multi-tools accessible to everyone (as they should be), enabling more people with the ability to save the day.

And of course, true to our roots, the FREE® Series is made in the USA at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon and comes with Leatherman’s industry-leading, 25-year guarantee.



If you’re the type to geek out on the engineering details, read this blog from our engineers on their process, inspiration, and design of a brand new way to make multi-purpose tools: the revolutionary FREE Series.

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