Tool Spotlight: Leatherman® Signal

Outdoor adventurers, we’re talking to you with this one. The Leatherman® Signal is our multi-tool truly made for the wilderness (or the state park, we don’t judge). It features a ton of tools meant to make things easier outside. Famous as camping tools and hiking gear, it can be used anywhere whether you’re on the water, at the campsite or on the trail. A perfect fit for any adventure, the Leatherman® Signal combines 19 useful tools into a compact, 4.5 inch size that weighs a mere 7.5 ounces to fit nicely into your pocket, pack or tackle box.



The Signal® is a hike-in camping must-have. The tool offers a variety of functions tailored specifically to camping, notably the tent peg hammer and the ferrocerium rod (aka fire starter). The ferro rod is a game changer for those times when your lighter dies or your matches get wet; always good to have a backup ignition source. Cutting up some salami for lunch or cutting cordage to string up a tarp, the knife covers a lot of bases without adding extra weight. A saw helps you turn branches into kindling or clear away brush. Will the bottle opener save your life? Probably not. But it will definitely help you quench your thirst.


Any angler knows that there’s always something that needs trimming, tightening or finagling. Pliers will help hold your hooks, bait or hand-tied flies while you prep for another cast. Breaking off your knife tip is a thing of the past because the Signal® has an awl. Pry things open, cut through things quick (that don’t require a sharp blade) or punch holes into wood or leather or a stubborn tube. Wire cutters make quick work of cutting fishing line. And in some states, an emergency whistle is required on the water, so when you have the Signal®, you’re good to go.


Even if your hiking trip is a one-day affair, the Signal® makes the perfect handy hiking tool. Get off the trail? Need to scare away some animals? The safety whistle will help you signal for help (you never know when you might need it). And it’s lightweight, so it will provide a lot of utility without weighing down your pack when every ounce matters.


Our bestselling outdoor tool, the Signal® can truly be used almost anywhere outside. And just in case you’re the type who has a hard time finding things in a pack or when you accidentally drop them, the Signal® comes in multiple colours from bright colours like aqua and cobalt to more traditional, low-key shades like black and grey.

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