5 Handy Uses for Multitools During Outdoor Adventures

You know your multi-tool has many uses—that’s why you have one. But you can never know the many, unexpected ways that it can save the day.

Again, that’s the whole point. Your multi-tool is something you can always carry, so you don’t have to plan for those unexpected outdoor mishaps. You’ll simply have the tool to deal with them.

We’re only scratching the surface here, but these are some unexpected ways that your multi-tool might save the day while you’re exploring the great outdoors.

Hang a tarp in the rain

Camping is a relaxing way to escape the grind of daily life to enjoy peace and solitude—until the clouds roll in and suddenly your idyllic campsite is being drenched. Stringing up a tarp in the trees is a great way to have shelter on-hand, in the event of inclement weather. You can still enjoy the open-air while staying dry, and you won’t track mud into the tent where you sleep.

If you’ve got a multi-tool on hand, you can cut rope or twine for your rainy day shelter in no time.

Travel light for road trips

If you’re hitting the highway to find outdoor adventure, chances are you’re trying to keep life simple. No airport security lines, no wifi (turn off that phone!), and just the stuff you can fit in your trunk.

A multi-tool is a must-have for any road trip, whether you’re moving into your van for a cross-country adventure, or going car camping for the weekend. Your multi-tool can help you make simple auto-repairs without a heavy tool box and fix all types of day-to-day problems that inevitably happen on the road. Traveling lighter will allow you to focus on enjoying the scenery and making it to your next outdoor excursion.

Repair your favorite snow gear

Your gear is your lifeline when it comes to snowsports. Skis, snowboards, snowshoes, and cold-weather wear are meant to keep active, but more importantly, they’re meant to keep you safe. If they fail, that could mean the end of your fun in the snow. In worst case scenarios, it could mean that your life is in danger.

Whether you’re tightening a loose binding or fixing a broken zipper, your multi-tool can help you survive and enjoy the frozen elements for even longer.

Craft a fishing hook

If you find yourself on a river without hooks, wouldn’t it be great to craft your own? Your friends will be very impressed if you not only caught dinner, but caught it with your own, hand-shaped hooks. You’ll just need to find some sort of wire for the hook, a string, and a stick.

Your multi-tool can also help with turning a branch into the perfect fishing pole, and gutting your catch.

Bicycle repairs on the go

Riding off into the countryside is great. What’s not great is the 15-mile walk back on the dusty, dirt road when your bike gets a flat or some screws come loose.

A multi-tool is a no-brainer for cyclists. Many cyclists carry a hex key or Allen wrench, which is a good idea but still leaves you under-prepared. A good multi-tool can help with almost any situation, from a flat tire to the apple you’d like to slice up for a snack. In addition to keeping a good multitool on hand, keep some extra parts such as a tire tube and air pump to make sure you’re ready for anything.

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