8 Multi-Tool Hacks for Hunters

If you haven’t been taking a multi-tool along on your hunting trips, it might be time to start.

These diverse contraptions are a great way to lighten your load while still providing you with all the essentials needed for successfully bagging your game. Here are some ways a good multi-tool can replace your bulkier gear.

Set Your Sights

The Leatherman MUT multi-tool is a great little piece of gear that can be used to adjust sighting on your rifle in an instant while you’re out in the field. It’s efficient and reduces the amount of time you would normally spend adjusting sighting and slips right back into your pocket when you’re done, so you don’t even have to rifle through your pack.

Clean Up

Whether you spend a lot of time out in the woods on one trip or are just fastidious when it comes to cleaning your guns, a multi-tool can help you keep them free of debris. Some multi-tools are equipped with rod cleaners or scrapers to help clean up in a pinch.


Hanging Bear Bags

If you’re hunting big game out in the Rocky Mountains overnight you’ll need to be wary of bears, so it’s likely you’re going to want to hang your food when you can’t watch it. A multi-tool can be used for this, too. Simply close the tool, attach your rope around the center of it and toss it over a branch. Then tie the other end to a low-hanging branch, trunk or root and you’ve got a bag no animal can reach. Most multi-tools are heavy enough to provide the weight needed to keep your bag afloat.



Clearing your view of excessive brush and branches is one of the most tedious tasks you face when hunting. Plenty of multi-tools help make this easier with their equipped pruning tools and knives. The blades on these babies are sharp enough to cut through most small branches and can even help you rifle your way through the thicker ones. You’ll quickly be able to clear out a shooting gallery with one on hand. Equipped pruning shears are also great for plucking feathers.

Gut Your Game

Many multi-tools come equipped with a guthook but even the ones that don’t can still get the job done. With pliers, cutting hooks and other tools you can still end up with the same result for half the price thanks to the all-in-one methodology of the multi-tool. It works best for small game in this instance, but can even be useful on deer if you’re feeling froggy.


Do you plan on fishing during your next hunting trip? Maybe you want to bring some bass home for the family but have to watch how big your catch is to stay within legal limits. Get yourself a multi-tool with an attached ruler so you don’t have to play guessing games in the field. That way you avoid fines and can come up with some accurate bragging rights when you’re rehashing your hunt with your friends.

Cut Through Bone

The serrated blades and bone saws on many multi-tools are great to have on hand when you need to cut through tough game. They help save your knives from dulling and get through some pretty tough stuff, so whip one out when you’re in need.

Beer Bottles

After a long day on the trail you’re going to want to settle down with a cold beer. The multi-tool still comes in use here. Most of them have bottle opener as part of the package, so whip that baby out and pop off the cap to reward yourself after a hard day’s work.

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