Pocket Tool Hacks for Beach Lovers

Who says pocket tools are just for the woods or around the house? Here are just a few examples of how beach bums can put multi-tools to good use.

Wax On, Wax Off

Some pocket tools are designed specifically for surfers and are great for combing or scraping wax in a pinch. Board too slick for your liking? Comb some wax on and increase the grip. Too much wax on there? Just scrape it off and make things a little smoother.

Shape Sandcastles

If riding waves isn’t your thing you can still get a lot of mileage out of the blade on one of these babies. Take sculpting a sandcastle for instance. Use the blade to help shape the towers or even dig out the moat. It slices cleanly through packed sand and is a lot more accurate than a plastic shovel.

Fix the Fins

Some multi-tools come equipped with a bit driver and fin key in order to make quick adjustments on the sand. They’re a must-have for any serious surfer and are easy to tote around, with many of them effortlessly hung from a lanyard or hook.

Fix Other Gear

Of course, the bit driver can be used to fix other equipment too. Got a camera with you at the beach that you need to get open in order to switch the battery? Not a problem with a bit driver on hand. Maybe your MP3 player got doused with sand and you need to open it up to clean it out. Whatever the task you can probably manage it with a well-equipped pocket tool.

Pull a Splinter

There are lots of pointy things floating around the ocean these days, whether natural or dumped by man. That means there are plenty of opportunities for your board or your foot to pick up debris. If you find yourself with a splinter or quill, or who knows what, stuck in you or your equipment just grab a pocket tool with tweezers to pull it out. It’s also great for plucking nose hairs, just in case.

Cut a Rope

On the other hand, you might just find yourself tangled in some seaweed after taking on a particularly tough wave. We’re not going to judge you for wiping out; it happens to everyone. If you come up with green rope stuck on you or your board you might be best served by cutting it off. A pocket tool with equipped wire cutters is a quick solution for that problem.

Pop a Bottle

After a long day of hitting the waves you’re going to want to unwind on the beach. Of course, we all know real beer doesn’t come with a screw cap so you’re going to need something to pop that baby open to impress your lady friend. Nearly all pocket tools come with a bottle opener, or can be used to MacGyver one open if you’re clever enough. It’ll save you from having to lug your keys around.

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