From Cliff Rescues to Warranty Triumph

I’m a paramedic who also enjoys outdoor rope sports recreationally (abseiling, canyoning, climbing) - so having a good quality multitool is essential for me.

I bought my Skeletool Rx several years ago, and it has been incredibly handy; lightweight, good edge retention on the knife, useful attachments. I’ve used it for everything from little maintenance jobs around the house, to breaking glass with the carbide tip at vehicle accidents, and even cutting free a stuck abseiler halfway down a 70m cliff face as part of a rope rescue.

It’s been dropped, scraped and generally mistreated, and has still always done the job despite all the abuse I’ve hurled it’s way.

The other day, after many years of hard labour, the pliers finally broke. To be honest, I wasn’t too upset; it had served me well, and I was ready to buy another at full price.

One of my mates told me about the 25 year warranty leatherman offer - I was skeptical; But after filling out an easy online form and shipping it off, I had a brand new Skeletool Rx shipped to me within a week. I work in a remote location - so to have anything shipped out here within a week is impressive, let alone a warranty exchange!

I highly recommend this tool and anything else sold by Leatherman. I challenge anyone to name another brand that has such faith in the quality of their tools that they will uphold warranty after years of abuse. 5 stars simply doesn’t feel like enough!

Gus | Australia | Leatherman Skeletool RX Rescue

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