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This is a story to let you know my appreciation of your quality products, especially your Leatherman Charge. Recently, I was on a hunting trip in the outback of Queensland, Australia and my gun sight failed because the thread to tighten a screw was stripped. I usually use your tools for rough and tough jobs, but on this occasion, I used it as a precision instrument to cut a thin sliver of aluminum from a Pepsi Max can. This slice was cut to about 1/3rd the circumference of the internal dimension of the stripped hole.

Then I used the Leatherman to shape a curve in the aluminum to match the hole and finally, I filed the leading edge slightly thinner. I placed this shaped sliver of metal approximately 1.5mm wide and 5mm high in the hole and thus, I was able to get my sight working.

Had my Leatherman’s uses stopped there, I would have been a happy hunter. However, I was even happier when I was able to use the file and pliers to solve the feeding problems another member of the party was having with a magazine on his new Remington 7600. Later, I even used the screwdriver to tighten up a loose scope mount.

It truly seems that Leatherman is the one product that can be relied on to solve the shortcomings of other products. At my work, we use them so much that people don’t even say what has gone wrong, they just call out, “Has anybody got a Leatherman?” Then you see a growing number of people all jump at the chance to save the day.

Rob J | Australia | Leatherman Charge

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